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A Wide Range of Braiding Services

Skip the salon visit and embrace convenience with our mobile braiding services! Our skilled hairdressers bring the salon experience directly to you. We offer a wide range of braiding options, from timeless classics like cornrows and box braids to head-turning twists and intricate designs. We use only high-quality braiding hair to ensure your style lasts and looks its best. Relax in the comfort of your own home and let our braiding magic transform your hair! Browse our options to find your perfect braid.


Skincare Services

Knotless Braids

Want healthy hair and head-turning style? Look no further than our knotless braids! Gentle on your natural hair, these braids use a special technique for a comfortable, protective style. We offer a variety of knotless braid options to suit your taste. Browse now and book your mobile appointment!

Bohemian Braids

We specialize in creating intricate styles that capture the essence of bohemian flair. From whimsical fishtail braids to cascading goddess braids, our skilled stylists can craft the perfect look to complement your unique style. 


Cornrows are perfect for low-maintenance wear, keeping your hair protected and cool. Whether you prefer a simple cornrow design or a more elaborate creation, we can create the perfect cornrow style to suit your personality.

Faux Locs & more

 Our skilled stylists can create a variety of faux loc styles to suit your vibe, from classic twists to dreadlock-inspired designs. Made with high-quality braiding hair, your faux locs will be lightweight, long-lasting, and oh-so-trendy. This protective style allows your natural hair to thrive underneath, making it a win-win for both style and hair health.

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